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T-Mobile® Operating System See how to get this phone FREE, when you buy select LG phones. LG. star star star star star_half reviews. G7 ThinQ™ IF YOU CANCEL WIRELESS SERVICE, REMAINING BALANCE ON DEVICE BECOMES DUE. For . LG Cell Phones and Smartphones. LG cell phones and smartphones provide you with a device that allows you to make phone calls, browse the Internet, and send text messages to your friends and family. These mobile smartphone devices are available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose a model based entirely on the hue you prefer. Create a custom level of connectivity with this impressive, state-of-the-art collection of T-Mobile Android phones from LG. From smooth-as-silk processors, to capture-it-all cameras, to magnificent displays that showcase all your favorite content—find the perfect fit for your lifestyle/5(K).

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In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. There are no results. There is no available product. You can also listen to your favorite music with rich, warm, Hi-Fi audio. To properly experience our LG. Skip to Contents Skip to Accessibility Help. T-Mobile Phones.

LG's Promise to You. We stand behind our premium smartphones. Register for your additional limited warranty coverage. Learn More, all lg phones for tmobile. Leave your plastic cards at home and pay quickly and securely with your phone all lg phones for tmobile everywhere, at both NFC and magstripe payment terminals. Explore Now. Carrier open. T-Mobile Type open.

Clear all filters Discontinued Products. Add to Cart Where to Buy. Silvery White. Aurora Black Carmine Red. Aurora Black. Raspberry Rose New Platinum Gray. Moroccan Blue. Platinum Smooth Black. Prev 1 2 Next. Load More. Popular Products. Scroll Left Scroll Right. Where to Buy. New Platinum Gray Blonde Rose. Aurora Black Platinum All lg phones for tmobile. Platinum Grey Aurora Black. I love this phone. For it's price, it's packed with features and hardware that can compete with more expensive phones.

Lot of people complaining about battery life but I think it's great. I easily get over hours of screen on time. But I'm a bit of an expert at optimizing my phone. If you know what to do, you can get a lot out of this device, all lg phones for tmobile.

I've had this phone for 3 months now. It is cry responsive and has all of the features I want. I'm very glad I bought it when I did. We are really liking the performance, size, and storage space. Really, 5 inches is all you need for this type of device. We've really liked just about everything on the phone with exception of the auto-brightness feature, all lg phones for tmobile.

Too much that If LG could introduce an auto-brightness level setting like on the Samsung S8, and S6 I think that the user could adjust, I think this would be a better product and we wouldn't have any complaints. Other than the auto-brightness falling short, we do like this smartphone and are quite pleased with our purchase.

It's a good device that doesn't cost as much as a more functional laptop. I picked up this phone about 2 months ago and I have never been happier with a device in my life. I've never owned a phone with a stylus and I must all lg phones for tmobile, it has just the neatest of features. It's so quick and easy to write notes on this thing, which is a life saver because I'm a very forgetful man.

I could go on and on about my Stylo 4, but in a word, I didn't hesitate in giving this device a full 5 out of 5. Great for anyone. I have had my phone now for a few months, never had an LG before so this phone was told to me it has a longer battery life which it does, all lg phones for tmobile, so I do like that. But the fact is everytime I go to use it I have to tap it each time it won't stay on. I don't know if it is to do that or if that a flaw with the phone.

So would I recommend this phone not sure.!! All lg phones for tmobile have had my phone for a year and just paid it off, I had one problem with the phone and it was fixed in a week instead of 2 weeks, they fixed it and i guess i got a new battery cause when i got my phone back the battery life was so much better. I bought this a month ago. I love it. I have PTSD thinking this phone would die easily and overheat, all lg phones for tmobile, nooo it's a brand new phone.

I love the AI cam, it totally brightens the picture when the surrounding is really dark. The OS software updated and it transitions apps like PowerPoint slideshow. Got some time to get use to. I love the 2nd year promise. Can't wait to see how this phone goes, I really love it so far!

I've always been an LG fan. No other phones for me. The Stylos have been a personal favorite of mines for quite some time. The Stylo 4 though I would say is a stable for LG's affordable phones. My little cousin swears by hers and thinks the Stylo 4 is better then the LG V40 even! I expected excellent features on it to be on the LG G7 THINQ but was disappointed that it didn't have the double tap on fingerprint sensor screenshot shortcut, doesn't have the notification bar slide down with Nevertheless that isn't a shortcoming of this phone it still stomps the Stylo 4 and all other phones in the market for that matter.

I freaking love this phone and it's features the camera take jaw dropping photos allowing full control for picture perfect photos. The processor is super fast no lagging the RAM allows all lg phones for tmobile multi tasking it's just an all around great phone.

It has two great cameras and the battery lasts me all day with a bit of mixed usage. Has lots of storage and even more if you buy an SD Card! I love this phone none the less but I just wished the software upgrades wouldn't have taken so long. We changed carriers 2 days ago and I purchased a phone that was being promoted by the carrier. I thought a phone is a phone. Boy was I wrong. I returned the other phone and upgraded to the G8ThinQ the next day.

I love the LG phones, all lg phones for tmobile. This is my second LG and will be my future phones. I was actually shopping for another Samsung, but they just didn't have the features I wanted the way I wanted them, and they cost more.

I'd had an LG years ago and decided to try it again. I have not regretted it one bit! It was so easy and intuitive to use right away, even new features I've never had before! The sound is far more clear than my former phone, and it's FAST. It does everything so fast! I love it and am so much happier with my purchase than I expected to be. Thanks, LG, for This is my 4th LG.

Would not use anything else. I have had IPhone and other makes of phones but in my opinion, LG tops them all. Well made, easy to use, they keep up with latest technology I purchased this phone after reading positive reviews on the internet and watching reviews on YouTube.

The phone has been a delight to have! The camera does an excellent job with photos, although I don't take that many pictures.


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all lg phones for tmobile


Shop for unlocked t-mobile cell phones at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Experience all the features available on innovative new T-Mobile phones from LG and be sure to explore all of our cell phones as well as all of LG’s newest mobile devices and accessories and find everything you need to make life good/5(K). List of LG phones, smartphones and tablets. Samsung Galaxy A50 review. LG phones.